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VoicePing Walkie Talkie App

VoicePing is a Walkie Talkie App that has the functions of a Traditional Walkie Talkie & Smartphone is one app. It works on any Android & iOS devices.


Nation-wide PTT

VoicePing App works on any cellular/wifi network which allows staffs to communicate with each other from anywhere/anytime.


With our Walkie Talkie App you can send text messages when you don’t want to send a voice message. It comes with a Text-to-speech function that instantly reads out messages that are sent to you.


Send pictures to in office staff regarding on-field updates. Pictures can also be sent as on-field evidence which staff is on-the-go. Staff also has the option of forwarding pictures to email account from the app.

Desktop PTT

VoicePing’s Desktop App allows staff (Eg- Front Office) to communicate with other staff using VoicePing Mobile App. This helps staff to coordinate with each other even while some staff is on-the-go.


Instant Communication

With the VoicePing App users can communicate with each other in real-time. There are also multiple modes of communication to use based on your needs such as Voice Message, Text, VoIP, Pictures and many more.

Higher Productivity

VoicePing App increases your staff’s daily productivity since all of the app’s functions are built to make communication more effective and efficient. From group conversations to managing multiple individual conversation, everything is built make communication quick & easy to get the job done.

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