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Replace your Walkie Talkie with Smart Walkie

Traditional Walkie Talkies have been used for decades for a communication device in various industries. But for the last few years, Traditional Walkie Talkies are been replaced by Smart Walkies since it has the functions of a Walkie Talkie & Smartphone in one device.

Top 5 Reasons other companies upgrade to Smart Walkie

  • 99% Nationwide + Indoor Coverage
  • Location Tracking
  • Run Business Apps
  • All-in-One Device for Talkie, Call & SMS
  • Send Pictures for record keeping


Communication Efficiency

With Smart Walkies communication is much simpler and efficient since the user interface and its functions are straightforward. You can manage individual conversations and group conversations without looking at the screen since the PTT function are linked to the device buttons allows you to change channels and sent messages.

All-in-One Device

Carrying multiple devices can not only make communication complicated, the probability of damaging the devices are high. Smart Walkie eliminates the need of carrying a Walkie Talkie & Smartphone at the same time since Smart Walkies has the functions of both those devices in one.

Lower Cost

Smart Walkies has a lower cost of ownership since you don’t have to install and maintain a physical infrastructure. Smart Walkies cost of maintenance is much lower than traditional Walkie Talkies. Apart from that, almost all Smart Walkies costs are predictable because of its fixed price compared to Traditional Walkies variable costs.

Handsfree Communication

Smart Walkies solves the needs of communication On-the-Go with PTT Headsets. With our PTT headset, users can change channels and send PTT messages using the headset buttons. This ensures safe communication since users don’t have to look at the device screen to send PTT messages.

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