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  • About Talkie Lock

    Talkie Lock is an Android Mobile Device Management Software.

    It gives you full access and control over company-owned devices used by your employees.

    Easily enroll, control and manage your devices from our dashboard

  • Top 3 Benefits

    Prevent Misuse

    Control Apps & Website Access

    A custom home screen is set up where you can remotely authorize access to apps and websites right for your business.

    Save Time

    Publish & Update Apps

    Remotely publish & update play store apps and private apps to your user's device with our Enterprise App Store.

    Distribute Files

    Content Management

    Effortlessly distribute all types of files from your admin dashboard to all the registered user devices.


  • Features

    Kiosk Lockdown Mode

    Device Lockdown

    Kiosk lockdown replaces the home screen of the registered user's device and gives access to applications you authorize.

    Live Location

    See on the map where everyone is

    Adjustable location update interval and accuracy.

    Management Dashboard

    Control all Devices

    Remotely administer functions such as apps management, location tracking, Content, etc. on company-owned devices from your Talkie Lock dashboard.

    File Management

    Share Files

    Share files such as PDF, DOCX, XLS, PPT, MP3, MP4, WAV, AVI, etc. to your registered devices remotely from your dashboard.

    Talkie Lock Browser

    Whitelist Websites for Employees

    Restrict web access to only the website you want your user's to surf and block non-essential websites.

    Enterprise App Store

    App Management

    Our enterprise app store allows you to easily organize apps for all your registered devices without the involvement of your user's.

    Single App

    Single App Lockdown Mode

    Single App Mode restricts registered devices to use a single app only even when the device is rebooted.

    Sim Removal

    Sim Card Alerts

    A security breach is recorded when the registered device's Sim Card is swapped or removed.

    Historical Location

    Playback on where someone went

    Export as CSV report available


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