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AppLock - No Cost Device Locking

What is App Lock?

App Lock is a Mobile Security solution that enables users to Lock apps with a specific password to keep them secured from unauthorized use.

Why is AppLock required?

App lock is required to keep Apps on your device safe from unauthorized people accessing or misusing them without your consent. It also helps to hide sensitive information & protect private contents in a device.

Setup Guide

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Commonly Locked Apps

Communication Apps

Communication apps allow you to make calls & and send messages such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype, are the apps that AppLock users commonly lock. These are locked because contacts & communication history can be misused by unauthorized personnel.

Data Storage Apps

Storage Management Apps such as Google Drive, DropBox etc where most of us store content, are locked to secure important files, documents.

Google Play Store

Since Google play is where users download apps to the device, locking it makes it difficult for anyone to download new apps to your device without your consent.

Phone Settings

Settings on the device are where all your device functions can be managed and controlled. So locking this avoids unauthorized users to make any changes that would alter your phone’s functions as set by you.

Phone Calls

Locking the phone dial pad & contacts help in blocking access to anyone trying to make calls from you device or trying to steal personal contacts from your device.

Recommended Settings for AppLock

Depending upon your usage & requirements, You can customize your AppLock Settings.

Account Types

  • Basic (Free) 

Once you Download & Install AppLock from the Play Store you can use the apps basic functions, but it won’t be ad-free.

  • AD

If you’d like to upgrade from the basic app to premium app you have couple options, AD & Premium(Paid). Under Ad you can use premium features for free but you need to watch ads to support the App. If you are using this for work use, this option is not viable as you probably do not want to interrupt yourself with your bosses with ads.

  • Premium (Paid) 

In the Premium App you can use all the features without being interrupted by any ads. Premium Accounts would cost $0.99 Per Month or $5.99 Per Year for each device.

Basic Lock

Basic Lock consists of 3 options which are 4-Digit Pin, Pattern & Fingerprint Lock. It's a must to secure your apps with one of these locking options once the app is installed to your device.

Advanced Protection

If unauthorized personnel uninstalls AppLock on your device, they could access your previously locked apps. So the advanced protection feature prevents the uninstallation of AppLock & provides more protection to Apps.

Power Saving Mode

Most of the security apps drain your battery since it runs in the background all the time. App Lock’s power saving mode helps you save up to 50% of your device’s battery life. It is recommended that you enable this to extend your battery life.

Relock Policy

This feature allows you to relock all the applications after the screen is locked. This helps if you by accident leave an app opened which may be accessed by anyone since it's not automatically relocked.

Limitations of AppLock compared to Talkie Lock

Even though AppLock is a great app it is only meant to cater to individuals device & Apps. It has many limitations for business use cases. For businesses who are looking to manage multiple users devices & apps, they need to try Device Management solutions such as Talkie Lock.

Listed below are the main limitation of Applock -

Device Lockdown

AppLock only locks an app but not the whole device. Talkie Lock Device Lockdown replaces the user's home screen with a lockdown screen and gives access to the apps, websites & file that the admin provides from the Dashboard.

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Device Management Dashboard

AppLock does not have admin portal where the device & its apps can be managed & controlled from a dashboard. Talkie Lock dashboard can be used to manage users devices & its application from anywhere. Individual users & group devices can be remotely monitored, managed & controlled.

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Saves Time

In AppLock everything must be performed manually on every device. In Talkie Lock, Apps & files can be published, updated & removed directly from the admin dashboard remotely.

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Locked Browser (Whitelist Websites)

Talkie Locks browser allows you to control the websites your users browse. Whitelist the websites you want your users to access and block the rest.

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Talkie Lock Demo

If you’d like to see how to Monitor, Manage & Control your Registered user’s device and its applications remotely, we can schedule an online demo. CONTACT US

Typically with TalkieLock or App Lock, we also bundle VoicePing, our instant voice communication app. Together these three apps (VoicePing for communication, TalkieLock to remotely lock and update apps, App Lock as an additional layer of security when devices are unlocked), help hotels and companies with work devices to make the most of their mobile devices.

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